Monday, April 27, 2015

Second Trimester

I can't believe the second trimester is already coming to an end! Time is flying by!
This trimester has been so much fun feeling Waylon move and kick and finding out the gender and watching my belly really grow!
These last few weeks have been a little more rough because insomnia and heartburn have kicked in. The insomnia isn't too bad, it happens every 3-4 nights, and I've had heartburn just a handful of times.
My Baby Shower is next month and I can't wait! Because I don't live near my family, and none of my friends offered to plan the shower for me, I was planning it myself. Which I was fine with, I understood that my circumstances were different, so as soon as I found out the gender I got to work on planning the shower and making invitations.
Early April, my visiting teacher came over one morning to share that months lesson with me and when she got to my house realized that she had already shared the lesson with me. So she stayed for a bit to visit with me, and we somehow got on the topic of my shower. She found out that I was planning it myself, and immediately offered to plan the whole thing for me. I wanted to cry! She has completely taken over planning my shower, which took a huge weight off my shoulders. I really appreciated that she reached out to help me with this task because my family wasn't here to help.
I'm so grateful for the Relief Society in our church and for visiting teachers who listen to the spirit.

Cameron is just a few weeks away from finishing Power School! His parents are coming down for the graduation and we are super excited to see them and show them around the Charleston area. :)
Cameron starts Prototype next, which is 6 months long, and it's the last part of his schooling here in SC. Once he finishes Prototype, we will be stationed somewhere else. We're hoping for Bangor, Washington or San Diego, California. We really want to be back on the West Coast. The East Coast has been a fun experience, but we really miss being on the West Coast, and being closer to family.

The second trimester has been amazing and I'm so excited to be starting my third trimester and be that much closer to meeting our precious baby boy!