Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The First Trimester

The first Trimester was a roller coaster for me at the beginning. Right at 6 weeks, I started getting nauseated and threw up only a couple times. A week later, the nausea stopped, but I still threw up occasionally.
 At week 9 I got a cold, which was NOT fun! Being in the first trimester, you don't really get to take medication. Mostly Ricolla cough drops, juice, and lots of rest.
After that passed, I was doing much better. I only lost 2 lbs., which is really good for the first trimester. The last few weeks of the first trimester my hips started getting REALLY sore feeling. They hurt all day every day. Sleeping was a nightmare because I was constantly tossing and turning from one sore hip to the next.
We have a memory foam topper that was on our guest bed that we moved to our bed, which has helped a lot! I've also started doing stretches with my yoga ball, and that has relieved a lot of the pain.

We are beyond excited to be in the second trimester and getting closer to finding out the gender!!
We can't wait to meet our precious little baby!