Monday, May 25, 2015

Baby Shower Weekend!

This weekend was very eventful and very exciting! Cameron and I have had a nice and relaxing week. We didn't have a whole lot of plans until this weekend. Friday morning we got up with a lot of energy and ran a few errands to prepare for my baby shower the next day. We got home and didn't have any plans for the rest of the day, so I decided I was going to touch up my highlights. While I was doing that, Cameron said he was going to meet up with a friend to go look at guns at a pawn shop. I get done with my highlights and I finish blow drying my hair and Cameron came home and said we had gotten a package. I was waiting for him to bring it inside, but he said that I had to go outside to see it, so I was thinking it was a really big package and was confused as to what it could be. I go outside, and didn't even notice that Cameron was recording. He told me the package was behind me and it was MY MOM!!! My parents had booked a ticket for my mom to come down for my baby shower!!! It was the best surprise ever!!! I instantly collapsed and started crying!
We decided to go out to eat that night at Andolini's for some yummy pizza.

Saturday was my baby shower! It was so much fun! We had a good turn out and I absolutely loved the decorations! My visiting teacher made a cute cake that was chocolate flavor, and decorated with blue icing, Waylon's name and sports gear :) We played a few games and I ended up winning one of them! We did a baby facts game, unscramble the words in a certain amount of time (which I won), and a word search in less than a minute. We got such cute and fun stuff for Waylon :) But what made my shower really amazing was that my mom got to be there. I was not expecting any family to be there, so it was very special to have my mom there.

After the shower we went to the beach! It was a lot of fun, but it was very windy. So we hung out there for a couple hours then we took my mom to Tattooed Moose for some yummy Duck Club sandwiches :) The rest of the night we relaxed at home cause we were pretty worn out from the day.

Sunday was a bittersweet day. We went to a couple stores to look at some baby stuff with my mom and ended up getting a high chair, a play center and a grooming kit for a smoking deal at Once Upon A Child. Then we took my mom to lunch and headed to the airport :( We weren't allowed to go through security with her, so we waited with her until she got through security and headed to her gate. This weekend was much needed, but it went by way too fast! I wish she could have stayed longer but her and my dad will be back when Waylon is born in 8 1/2 weeks or less! :)

Today is Memorial Day so Cameron and I decided to go get a few more baby things. We went to Target and got a car seat, a stroller and a couple baskets to store some of Waylon's stuff. After that we decided to go see the Avengers to celebrate our anniversary, which is in 2 days! :)

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