Sunday, September 28, 2014


Since Cameron graduated A school, he get 10 days of leave (time off). So we've been doing the tourist stuff!

Last Saturday we went and visited Fort Sumter and Patriots Point.
Patriots Point has a sub, a destroyer and an aircraft carrier that visitors are allowed to go tour. Cameron went once with his class at the beginning of A school, and when we went on Saturday, he was able to tell me what a lot of the stuff was in he Engine Room. It was really cool to see all those things up close, but I would never want to work on a sub or an aircraft carrier! I'm not claustrophobic, but I was getting uncomfortable with how small some of the stairways and walkways were!
The sub we went on was very very old, and the subs today are much bigger.
Fort Sumter was awesome! It was fun walking around and seeing the history that was there. There were bullets still in some of the walls! it was crazy!

Fort Sumter used to be as tall as the flag just above my hand

Yesterday, we got to go to Carowinds!
Carowinds is an amusement park here in South Carolina. What's really cool about the park is that half of the park is in South Carolina, and the other half is in North Carolina!
We had a blast! It was our first time go on a roller coaster together :)
We rode all kinds of roller coasters. There was one where you are laying down, and you go backwards. That one was our favorite! There was also one where you were standing up, another one that had your feet dangling. We also went on one water ride and we didn't get too wet, but it was a lot of fun because the ladies that were with us had us laughing the whole time!
 We also enjoyed a yummy funnel cake with chocolate syrup, carmel syrup, strawberries with sauce, powdered sugar and whip cream! YUM!
But what really made the day enjoyable was Cameron. If we went on a roller coaster that wasn't as crazy or intense, he still managed to make it fun. He would scream and yell like it was intense and it made me laugh the entire time! 
It was the first night of Scarowinds for Halloween, so we decided to stay for that. For those who don't know, I don't like scary stuff! I don't like getting scared, I don't like scary things, I don't like it! If I watch a scary movie, I have to watch a Disney movie afterwards so I wont have nightmares!
So, we went to Scarowinds, and I told myself that I could handle it and that it wouldn't be that bad, and to suck it up because Cameron really wanted to do Scarowinds. We went through our first Haunted House called Last Laff, and it was freaky. You could pretty much tell who was real and who wasn't. I got scared but I thought I handled it pretty well. I didn't like it, but I did it. Then we start heading towards a haunted house called 7th Ward. I then realized we would be going through haunted houses all night and I wasn't ok with that. We got through the line and I teared up a little because I was getting scared. Cameron suggested that we could leave but I told him I wanted to be tough and do it. Then we started walking up to the door of haunted house and I lost it. I grabbed Cameron's arm and said as I was frantically crying' I don't want to go in, I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this.' He felt really bad that it scared me, and I felt horrible that I was scared of everything. So we decided to go home. I felt horrible but Cameron comforted me and made me not feel as bad.
This staycation has been the best!

We also got to go to the Columbia, South Carolina Temple on Wednesday. We always enjoy going to the Temple :) 

A School Graduation

On September 19, 2014, my husband graduated A school, and because he had the 3rd highest GPA in his class, he graduated with Distinction.
I'm so proud of him for getting through the first part of his schooling! Even though it's nice that he doesn't get to bring his homework home, he still has to make sure he gets it done in the time that he is given, along with studying. There were weekends that he would have to go in for 2-3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.
His schedule for A school was Mon-Fri, he would leave between 5:45-6, and he wouldn't get home until 6 pm, then be in bed by 9. Sometimes he wouldn't get home until 8. Plus studying on the weekends. Most Fridays he would get off early, which we looked forward to every week. 

I also had to have a schedule while he was in A School. Mondays I needed to have laundry done so he would have his PT (Physical Training) clothes ready for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; eventually it was just on Wednesdays. Then Thursday nights we had to get his dress white uniform ready for Friday. Every 2 weeks we had to cut his hair to make sure it was within standards. I made breakfast and lunch for him everyday so he wouldn't have to get up as early, and every night I made sure dinner was ready when he got home so we would have more time to spend together.

I'm very excited for him to be done with A school! He will be starting Power School in November, and until then he will be on T-Track, which is basically doing work on base, like Watch( making sure people who go in to study are students and not civilians), cleaning, etc. 

I've heard from the other wives that Power School will require Cameron to be gone more, and his schooling will be more intense and more in depth, so I'm going to do what I can to help lighten his load so he doesn't stress out. He's so excited to learn more in Power School and to continue his education in the Nuclear field, and I love seeing how excited he gets about it.

I'm so proud of my honey! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

South Carolina

We have been living in South Carolina for a little over 3 months now. At first it rained a lot and we LOVED it! It hasn't been raining as much lately. A couple weeks ago, there were a few days when it was kinda chilly outside, but it's been in the high to mid 80's and beautiful!

We've been able to go to the beach quite a bit, and let me tell you, we are loving every minute of that!

There is so much GREEN here! I don't think I've really seen gravel anywhere except on dirt paths. There are big green trees, some with moss on them. There are so many squirrels here, it's insane!

Cameron graduates A school next Friday. I'm excited that he's finished with this first part of his schooling, but the next couple parts are gonna make his schedule crazy.

We've made lots of friends, and we have BBQ's almost every weekend :)

It's been interesting getting used to the new terminology, and I feel like Cameron speaks another language sometimes with all of it. I'm even learning about it while he's sleeping. There's been a couple times when he's fallen asleep before me, and he will start talking in his sleep about torque, turbines, folding things and anything else he may have learned that day. I just laugh, go along with it, write it down and tell him about it in the morning and we get a good laugh out of it.

In our ward we are Primary teachers to a cute CTR 4 class. We have 4-5 kids that consistently come every week, and they make us laugh each week with the things they'll say. But it's amazing to see them learn a new concept and to help them understand Heavenly Fathers teachings.
This last Sunday was Fast Sunday, and the kids get Tootsie Rolls from the Primary Presidency if they are good during sharing time. The teachers hold onto them until they get to class. We'll, our kids wanted their Tootsie Rolls real bad. But we explained that we were fasting, and we encouraged the kids to fast for the class hour and not eat their Tootsie Rolls. And they did it! They were so proud of themselves! It was awesome to see them do that.

We are loving every minute of being here. I can't wait to see what the other seasons are gonna be like :)