Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Move to South Carolina

Welp! We have officially moved to South Carolina! We left AZ June 5th and got to SC 3 days later. The driving wasn't too bad, it was just kinda noisy in the cab of the truck. We got to see such beautiful country on the way there.
Our first night we stayed in Abilene, Texas. We stayed the night with my Great Aunt Elaine and Great Cousin Brandi. Those two are some of my favorite people on this entire planet! Elaine is my grandma's sister, and if anyone knows anything about me, it's that I loved my grandma very VERY much. She was my best friend. She passed away 11 years ago, which was and is very difficult for me. Elaine has always known this and I've had a special connection with Elaine. While we were visiting them, Elaine gave me one of my grandma's crocheted blankets, which was very sweet! Elaine and Brandi are always such a joy to be around. They always keep us laughing and always make sure we are taken care of. I also got to see one of my grandma's brothers while there too.
The next day we drove straight to Mississippi! We stayed in Meridian, Mississippi. On the way there we stopped in West Monroe, Louisiana. Right after entering Louisiana, Cameron moved over to the far left lane and within a second after he did that, there was a 15 car pile up in the lane we had just moved from. One car almost turned into our lane. I'm so grateful that Cameron listened to the spirit and moved out of that lane.
We are Duck Dynasty fans so we stopped by the Duck Commander Warehouse to take pictures and look around. It was really cool. We also passed over the Mississippi River which is HUGE!!
On Sunday, we made it to SC. We stayed in a hotel up the street from where our house was. The housing office wasn't open until the next day so we weren't able to get our keys until the next day.
We finally have everything that we need unpacked, but there are still a lot of boxes to go through.
It's beautiful here! We have been to the beach twice already. It has rained about 5 times since we've been here and there are thousands of squirrels running around everywhere! I love it! And I now know why people say southern hospitality is the best. It really is! Some people are rude, but a lot of businesses we've gone to around here, the employees are so nice and so positive!
Can't wait to see more of the South!