Thursday, April 10, 2014

Answered Prayers

Well, tonight was interesting to say the least. At about 9:20 pm. I was laying in bed, and Daisy was on her bed, ready to go to sleep. My mom knocks on my door. I throw on my pink robe and open the door. She asked me of I had seen Zoey. I said I had seen her not too long ago. I see the panic in her face and head down stairs with Daisy to look around the house. We quickly find that she is not anywhere in the house or backyard. I start heading outside to check for her and I see our neighbors, the Jacobs, start getting in their car to look for her.
I quickly go change out of my pink robe and put Daisy on a leash and go look for Zoey. After I've looked down 3-4 streets I felt the need to go down another street, I thought to myself 'someone probably already looked down this street, but I can see our neighbors car at a park nearby so I'll head towards them'. Soon after making the decision I see a lady walking down the street toward me, and I again think to myself 'I should ask her if she's seen a black schnauzer'. As I was about to ask her, she asks me 'Are you looking for a dog?' I was like yea, I am. She asked if I was looking for a schnauzer and I said yes. She asked if I lived on the corner nearby. We were about 5-6 streets away from my house and I told her where we lived. She then told me that she knew a neighbor with a black schnauzer and was wondering if it was them looking for one. I then told her that it was hectic trying to find her cause she didn't have a collar.
Then the lady said she saw a facebook post about an hour ago that said someone in Sossamon Estates found a black schnauzer. She pulled up the post on her phone and there were pictures with the post, and they were pictures of Zoey!! The was a number with the post so I called the number and I told the lady on the phone we were missing a schnauzer. She asked if it was a boy or girl. I said a girl and she answers to Zoey. I found out that they are located 4 houses down from ours and she had Zoey for about an hour! I called my mom, dad and brother and my dad rushed over to get her.
My mom said she pulled over in her car twice to pray that she would be found.
It's incredible how the spirit works through us! My testimony has grown through this experience! So grateful that Zoey was taken care of and I'm grateful for Heavenly Father's guidance. And I'm especially grateful that I listened to the Holy Ghost!