Friday, April 5, 2013


  Well, this week started out as a great week with family enjoying the Easter holiday... To REALLY stressful. Most of you may know already but in case you were wondering, here's what happened..

  Monday, Cameron stayed home from work cause he wasn't feeling well. So during lunch I thought I'd stop by our house to see how he was doing. On my way back to lunch was when this all happened..

  I was driving west on ocotillo getting ready to turn south onto Ellsworth. There was a lot of traffic so I thought I would go around the traffic and get in the turning lane early. There's a circle k on the northeast corner and someone had stopped to let a lady pull out of there, with all the traffic I did not see the car stopped letting the other lady out and she didn't see me on the other side of that car either.

Our bumpers hit but mine got the bad end of the deal. Her front driver side looked like it had been in a typical 'fender bender'. Mine looked like it was hit head on going 50 on a freeway...

  My car had steam coming out of the engine and through my a/c, my radiator fluid was all over the road.. It was a mess!!

  I was still in shock for a while and Cameron was very sweet and calm about the whole thing

  My car was totaled and we spent the next day seeing what we could get for 3/4 of a car and looking for another.

  Lucky for me I actually knew the girl that hit me... She was a day student at my beauty school. She was a year older than me, and I knew she was LDS. Her husband showed up later like Cameron did, and they were very sweet and very understanding about the whole thing.

  It was a blessing in disguise, as weird as that sounds. I truly think it was :)