Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Time!!

So we got our tree up and our living room painted! Our house is coming along so well, I'm so excited!! I'm excited for christmas especially since this is Cameron and I's first christmas together :) Cameron has just a few weeks of this semester left, he is going to school for accounting/business. I have my cosmetology license, I've interviewed at a few places but no luck so far. Oh well, keep trekin! My parents came over sunday and gave us 2 christmas decorations that my grandma used to have in her house that I LOVED!!! One is mickey mouse houses that sing the christmas songs with all his friends and the other one is a barbie ball and couples dancing to christmas and year round music. My grandma used to collect barbie dolls and I used to be obsessed with them, so I'm going to carry on the tradition of collecting the barbie dolls and keeping those christmas items in the family :) My grandma and I were very close so it was hard to lose her, I was there almost everyday either crafting something or baking something. That's where I picked up the love for crafts and baking. I'm currently working on crochet baby blankets for my friend sarah and my cousin jessica, I'm excited to see how they turn out in the end. Enough rambling for one day...I think I might like this blogging stuff :D